Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And now our regularly scheduled programming

Oh well...that whole blog at least once a week hasn't really panned out so far, but it's not too late change. I got my computer fixed, so now my delete key works again and thus writing anything on my Mac is much easier. I've been busy, with looking for work (yeah, that's definitely a WIP) and falling hard for several new crafts. I blame the internet for my lack of focus. ; )
The new craft is quilting - although it's more cutting and sewing right now. I live entirely too close to an amazing quilt shop - Intown Quilters - which really doesn't help my non-existant bank balance. I've got a couple things going right now, 3 at last count.

A lap quilt

A scarf which I'm really excited about and that should be finished but a broken foot control and hexagons (more on these soon) interfered. I've only got pictures of the strips right now, but IRL the front is finished and I think I finally figured out what exactly I want the back to look like. I plan on it being reversible, no batting (I'm pretty sure), and some quilting. It's pretty long (at least 100in. or over 8ft.) and I doubt that I'll hand-quilt it but who knows, I may go crazy. It's made from Anna Maria Horner's newest line which is printed on some dreamy cotton voile, there's some Kaffe Fassest shot cotton (the strip in the top right), and some muslin that I already had from Ikea of all places. I promise better pictures and a more detailed post on the scarf soon.

The last thing is hexagons a la English Paper piecing. I have no pictures whatsoever of this newest obsession, but I will soon. I'm currently doing 1" hexagons which is likely not something I'll do again. So tiny when you join them together! I got started with a bag of scraps from Intown Quilters ($5 as long as you can close the bag. I'm pretty sure I got at least 3 yds.) More on this later.

I've also been knitting (surprise, surprise right?) but my interest in that is currently ebbed and all I'm plodding along on is a super basic stockinette scarf. I did compete in Ravalympics and I'm happy to say that I not only finished but was actually done early (Saturday morning!). I attempted and completed my very first lace shawl which I'll post more about in a knitting roundup post to come. But here's a picture of my very pretty shawl blocked and pinned out.

I think I'll end it there for now. I'll do another post on what else has been going in my life. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

PS: a fab picture from one of my last vacations - oh how I wish I was there now.
Yachats, Oregon. Summer 2007.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So much but so little

So I've actually been super busy with knitting. I've started and finished a bunch of stuff, some of which is up on my ravelry page (username Iota) and most of which is not. I just am forgetful and a little lazy, but I'm really trying to remember to post.

 Since the weather has taken a turn towards the decidedly chilly, I've become semi-obsessed with gloves. I'm trying to work out a pattern which so far I've taken out at least 3 times and currently have three different gloves. Arg to say the least. However, I've finally found a pattern for a skein of Malabrigo Worsted (colorway Sunset) that I got for Christmas last year. I've cast-on for Ysolda Teague's Snapdragon Flip-Tops (rav link). I don't think I'm going to do the flip-tops as it just doesn't get that cold here in Atlanta. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon and I'll remember to post them here and not just delete them after I post to ravelry.  In other news, I've fallen in love with colourwork. Or fair isle or stranded knitting as its also known. Whatever you call it, I love it. I've done two hats, both of which need a little more work, but I am seriously pleased with the whole experience and really want to do more. I think that to get the full benefit, I'm going to need thinner yarn and smaller needles. I don't know when I'll be able to really get into it, but fingers crossed that I get a call about some of the jobs I've applied for so that I can stop stressing so much. Any good wishes are much appreciated. I've also joined RAK and have really appreciated the response. I am hoping to get into some swaps, especially one with moleskins (which I adore). I'm debating whether or not to cast-on Baktus - I love the simple, but clever construction, but I am trying to be honest about how much I'd actually use it. I tend to wear looser things around my neck because I don't like feeling constricted. So the jury's still out.  Any thoughts?

The photo is hoot! also from Ysolda Teague

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well hello torrential downpour. Where ya been?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Guess that didn't work. Bummer

Monday, September 7, 2009

Installing Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Super excited that it will be evrything it touts. Just waiting it out for the install

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little this and a little that

What to write? That blinking line is daunting at times. There are so many great, funny, crafty, witty (mad lib the adjective of your choice here___) blogs that to start a blog and want some people to read it and not just write to a void is in all likelihood a little narcissistic. Oh, well. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I've updated by project page with most of my FOs, my UFOs are stilling darting about, defying the known laws of physics. Check my ravelry page for details, photos, or blank spaces. On the topic of knitting, I am on section 4 (the decreases) of my second clapotis. I have pictures of it, but they are still on my camera and thus of no current use. I joined a great group on rav, random acts of kindness - posted my wishlist - which is a list of wishes. You can't hear the indignation in my voice but imagine it. I went back to edit something on it and saw that someone had disagreed with it!!! Then I disagreed with it but that was an accident and in ravelry there are no take-backs. I am a little TO'd by that, but c'est la vie.

Ciao til later

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaand...we're back?

So...gone for a super long time. I am really going to try to post, if not daily, then at least weekly. Even if no one reads. I can feel my typing skills getting rusty and my writing ability going down the drain and I slaved really hard in college for them so I'll be dammed if I lose them so soon. Since my last post, I graduated, haven't really finished or sent any of the things I posted about, but did start a garden in our backyard with my mom. The rain (which we needed and still do), the heat (weeks of no rain and 90+ degrees), and being new biggish-scale gardeners combined for, let us say, mixed results.

I shall return with a mix of things, but will leave y'all with this picture I snapped from my last vacation (the OBX, in November, no I am not kidding. More on that later)

Good Night and Good Luck.