Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ah hell...time to start over

So, hopefully I'll be able to take and post some pictures of my WIPs and finished project, including the ones I'm going to be frogging and starting anew on. Went home to Atlanta for my sister's birthday, which was a hoot.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

long time gone

It's been a long day and its still not over yet. Pictures of my finished projects and my WIPs are coming, as is a picture of a completed work which I am deeply unhappy with and thus have decided to frog the whole thing and start over again.
Short and done.

Goodnight, good fellows

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finally...we are go!

My second attempt at a blog has shall see the light.

I think that for this first post I'll do an introduction - about me, this blog, my goals, world peace, domination, etc...

About me:

Hello! I'm a 21 yr. old college senior (August baby, August!) at UGA who really wishes that instead of going to class or doing no-fun stuff like reading (150+ pgs) or writing papers, she could spend most of the day doing all the fantastically crafty things that make the world a better place to be. Spinning, knitting, weaving, farming, making cute stuff in general that other people will envy.
I <3 history, politics, fashion (intense love/loath relationship - love the style/ hate the lack of sizing), and tea. No, really - tea. Hot, cold, black, green, white - I love the stuff. In the balmy heat of a Southern summer, I long for the cold snap in the air which heralds sweaters, boots, hot tea! My love of the cold is slightly paradoxical - when its very cold, I want nothing more than to be warm, yet at the height of summer, I yearn to be cold. Strange but entirely understandable.
I also can get really into football - don't stone me, I'm southern-grown, bred, and in attendance at one of the more rabid football universities in the nation. GO DAWGS!!

About this blog, esp. the title:
Craft. Farm. Love.
I believe that craft -the indulgence in, practice of, or the appreciation of all the above - stands as tie to a not-so long ago past in which everyone could wipe of something fabulous but supremely functional. When in the last 50 yrs, most traditional crafts have been in severe danger of being lost. A devoted few have it alive, but the current resurgence is a blessing that should be helped along.
Over the summer, I indulged in a passion of finding out from whence I come. Thank you - I learned a lot about my family and my root, helping to explain why the warm feel of fresh soil and the rich, tangible smell of earth have always appealed - my extended family have long been educated farmers along the eastern coast. Self-reliable, passionate, long-lived folk who have taken to arms for their country(ies - the Confederate Union) and then returned to their lives. I'm pretty sure most of them loved a good drink, tasty food, and fine friends.
My sister and I are dreaming of a farm where we can grow heirloom produce,raise heirloom livestock, and indulge all those things that writers of great novels harken to in a mad attempt to showcase the past great glory. (be on the look out for suffrage rallies and bathtub gin).
The last I think follows as a natural consequence of passionately indulging, on a regular basis, the first two. More on this later.

My goals are to be more productive and have better time management. I hope to post my finished works and WIPs - on my WIPs I hope to get a little help (That darn February baby sweater)